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Nelson Mandela

For many people, Nelson Mandela is the person they most associate with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.  At the forefront of the African National Congress’ fight against racial segregation, he campaigned non-violently from 1944.

Nelson Mandela continued his drive to try to establish equality for all South Africans.  In 1964, he began a life sentence in prison for political offences.  Hi imprisonment, which was to last for 27 years, led to worldwide publicity and support for his just cause.  Mandela thus became an international symbol of the fight for equality.

Released from prison in 1990, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and the South African Presidency in 1994.

Nelson Mandela’s ideals of reflection, negotiation and reconciliation are those which we will aim to promote in Mandela House.  His admirable personal qualities of calm perseverance, concern for equality and respect for others will also be among our aims.  Nelson Mandela is a role model who has demonstrated that, regardless of overwhelming adversity, people can achieve amazing goals.

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Ms Jackie Bradley
Head of Mandela House