Lewisham Awards Evening - St Matthew Academy

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Lewisham Awards Evening

Jack Petchey Award Evening - St Matthew Academy stealing the showKLASH sing

Award winners from across the Lewisham Borough were able to attend a special ceremony to receive their medallion and meet other award winners.

Jack Petchey evenings are always lively events that lift everyone spirits and on the back of recent National victories in Athletics and Maths, it was now at this prestigious event where St Matthew Academy stole the show. With not only 8 achievers, but also with their young performers; the girls group “KLASH” performed an amazing rendition of “Someone like you”. Flore singAfter sickness from another school's performer, KLASH stepped back up on stage for an encore performing an “if I ever” Acapella, huge cheers erupted for the girls who had the whole audience silenced during their performance.

However, St Matthew Academy was far from finished in showing off their musical talents as Flore Tahou of Year 10 sung an amazing version of “This is a man’s world”, again met with huge applause and left the staff of St MAtthew Academy who were present, beaming with pride.

The girls were congratulated after the event by the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, a sure sign that St Matthew Academy had, if there was any doubt, impressed all atendees with their talents and will to succeed.

We are always very proud to see so many of our students being able to “Let Their Lights Shine”.

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