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Summer School

St Matthew Academy welcomed the new year 7 uptake students in the Summer with an the opportunity to create their own music videos and short films for the Out Of your Hands competition.  They were taught by the media team to use specialist software, professional camera equipment and to work in production teams.  Students conducted pre-production, filming and post production tasks both in film and music production.  The original videos were screened for parents at the end of the week and given to students on DVD so that they could start their show reels.  Throughout the two weeks 26 films were produced, 12 were entered into a competition, 12 original music tracks were produced and 65 students received a foundation in using a Tripod, Flip Camera, Tripod and Final Cut Pro.  Many thanks to an incredible Media team; Bescah, Stay (S’thenkosi), Mr Simpson Jnr, Miss Ta, Mr Cameron, Mr Smith and Mr Simpson.

OUT OF YOUR HANDS film competition 2nd and 3rd Prize-winners.  

The Film and Music summer school entered 12 films for the nationwide OUT OF YOUR HANDS competition.  Out of 130 entries SMA students Kyle Joseph, Odiri Otite, Loick Kouassi, Jamar Riley came 2nd with ‘Sticky Situation

And Gabriel Kolawole-Olasupo, Amon-Re Miller came 3rd  with ‘Phone Jacker’ in the KS3 category.  2nd Prize is £100 amazon vouchers and 3rd is £75 amazon vouchers superb work to all students the summer school media team is very proud.  The judges remarked that all entries were extremely creative and enjoyable to watch, but these two were unique and were outstanding efforts.

Comments made about ‘Sticky Situation’:

“Awarded for the team’s creativity, earnest approach and imagination. We liked the different scenes and the face to camera work – very effective. Excellent response to brief resulting in a film that clearly explains what can be the dangerous – but often devastating  and frightening affects mobile phone theft can have on the victims. Well done to a team of budding media students – good head start in demonstrating their skills, as they are so young.”                                             

KATHY JOWITT Education Connections

Comments made about ‘Phone Jacker’:

“What a great team, in a league of its own in terms of creativity and presentation. We loved the poem/rap, truly inspired and such young pupils again. Well done! (It is worth noting that the only reason this team didn’t get further was through no fault of theirs, it is simply that there is a creatively positioned ‘fun’ factor to the film, which (for this year and project) is not something we can use on the site in terms of an educational tool – but does not reflect on their skills though.)”                    

  KATHY JOWITT Education Connections

Kathy Jowitt from Education Connections on the SMA Media Centre effort :

‘We have to also say how very impressed we were with St Matthew’s Academy. Your students and staff must have worked extraordinarily hard to produce such creative, insightful and imaginative work. We believe this took place in your summer school – which is also very commendable as the staff available, environment/facilities to develop the films were presumably restricted. The way in which you all attacked the challenge and obviously planned, rehearsed and developed each script and performance was fabulous and we would like to thank all staff involved along with all the students for their concerted and mature efforts. If we could have awarded something to all concerned we would have. But, please pass on our congratulations to all students and staff involved -  picking the winners from the 30 schools that entered was not easy and there were a lot of contenders from St Matthews!’


  1. Expelled           2. Thieves on the Run   3. The Chase    4. The Stolen Blackberry

5.  The Diary of a Thief       6. The Mix Up    7. The Phone Tracker    8. The Phone Jacker

  1. Revenge is ringing       10. Be careful who you trust    11. Sticky Situation
  1. What goes around comes back around


  1. Excission           2. Heartbeat                3. Infinity          4. Solution        5. Fake Melody
  1. Fire                   7.  Me and You            8. Laze             9. Move 2 the beat      10. Skrillx

11. Top Gunner      12.  J-Cat         13. Wiz Kidz      14.  Xtreme Levels