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Maths, ICT and business faculty

In the Maths, ICT and business faculty we have a collaborative approach that aims to create links between all the subjects the faculty offers.

We are developing all subjects so that students are challenged in class, engage in their learning and achieve better. All homework is selected in order to enhance the learning that has been done in class. We currently have year 10s and 11s preparing for GCSE exams and we await their results with anticipation.

In Maths we aim for all students to reach their GCSE target grade by the end of year 10. In year 11 they will be able to opt for further maths related study, including Additional Maths, Statistics and Economics.

We are developing the ICT curriculum to give the subject a more creative focus. We will be offering students more opportunities to do computer programming, which will give them a more comprehensive understanding of IT.

We offer both BTEC and GCSE courses in Business Studies, and are continuing with a high-level of attainment in these vocational subjects.

We are always looking at ways of extending and enriching students' understanding and appreciation of the subjects they study in this faculty. Year 10 students have been attending a series of mathematical lectures, and we have also seen a number of students do well in the UK maths challenge.



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