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A Catholic Academy

At St Matthew Academy, the Catholic faith of students is developed through the work of an active Chaplaincy team; through prayer and through focus events to develop spirituality and faith growth. The Academy ethos stresses the unique value of each individual and develop in our students respect for other faiths.

Chaplaincy at St Matthew Academy

The Catholic Christian ethos of the Academy is owned by all its members; Chaplaincy’s role is to support, nurture and facilitate the Academy’s distinctive Christian nature and assist the whole school community to grow in relationship with God. Chaplaincy provides spiritual support and leadership for all members of the Academy community through pastoral care and prayer and worship.

Jane Roberts, Lead Chaplain
Jane is Lead lay chaplain at St Matthew Academy and responsible for leading policy and practice and coordinating all chaplaincy activities.
Jane and is supported by Monsignor Rothon and is guided in all their activities by Christ’s loving example. Chaplaincy is a service in the name of Christ to bring his love, care and support to all.
Jane offers pastoral support to all students and staff providing a listening ear and a presence outside the normal constraints of timetables and schedules. Chaplaincy also exists to help guide St Matthew Academy towards reaching its fullest potential as a Catholic Christian school; this includes not only providing a presence but also bearing witness to the place of Christ in an modern education system.
You can find out more about our activities here
You can contact Chaplaincy on 0208 853 6275 or you can email Jane here
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