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  • Religion and Humanities faculty - St Matthew Academy

Religion and Humanities faculty

The humanities are academic disciplines that study the human condition, and at St Matthew Academy, the Humanities faculty includes History, Geography, RE and Citizenship. It also offers the Btech courses in childcare (year 9) and social care (years 10 and 11).

In this faculty, we ask students to analyse information about the world, and offer their own theories and explanations.  We encourage them to take control of their own learning in all their subjects. One of the methods we use is called ‘Talk to learn’ through which students get used to collecting their ideas and presenting them verbally to classmates, before writing them up formally.
In addition to the set subjects, we offer a range of activities to enhance students’ contact with their world:
John Muir Award
Yr 9 Geography students travelled to Aberdovey in Wales to participate in outdoor challenges linked to the John Muir award. The John Muir award is an environmental award scheme focusing on wild places and aims to develop young people’s awareness and responsibility for the natural environment.
Make the Link
The Climate exChange project is an online community, connecting young people, teachers and youth group leaders around the world and is supported by the UK Citizenship Foundation. Students, calling themselves the Eco-Rangers have been meeting weekly to start a campaign that focuses on litter and recycling in the local community
Wind Turbine Project, Smallpeice Trust
Wind Turbine 3For this project students worked in groups of five to build a model wind turbine that would actually work and produce electricity. This was an excellent opportunity for the students to work as a team with people from other forms while learning about the importance of wind turbines and the challenges of building them, under the expert guidance of a real engineer who has worked in the renewable energy industry. The day finished off with presentations from each group which gave them the chance to promote their design.
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